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Why Are There So Many Product Launches?

Product Launches

Why are there so many product launches?

If you are on any internet marketing email lists, then you would have noticed that, in recent weeks, there have been a great number of product launches.

Some prominent examples include Frank Kern’s InfoMillionaire, Jeff Johnson’s Coaching Program, the Arbitrage Conspiracy, and most recently Mike Filsaime’s Instant Affiliate Website.

Why do you think there are so many product launches at this time?

I have my own theories. In summary, it could be any one or a combination of the following:

  • They’ve been in planning and development for some time and their developers want to launch before year’s end
  • There is much potential for a big boost in revenues for the marketers concerned as they involve either quite a high price tag or hold the promise of massive passive income fromĀ  continuity programs
  • The marketers are capitalising on the current gloomy economic environment where almost everyone is worried about jobs, cashflow and income. The attraction of working from home at relatively low cost and potential high returns are particularly attractive to those disillusioned by corporate failures, poor governance, massive layoffs and the catastrophic results of greed.

To their credit, the marketers are well-respected and do provide some good value in specific areas.

I personally believe the reason for so many product launches is a combination of all three above.

What do you think?

Please give your views and comments. I am really interested in your opinions and will be talking around the issues for a while in future posts before resuming the series on blogging.

Thanks and talk again soon!


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One Response to “Why Are There So Many Product Launches?”

  1. Alan J

    I think you’re right in that the bleak outlook is making a lot of people look for alternative income sources.

    Internet marketing seems a good way for those who have lost their jobs.

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