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Internet Marketing

The advent of the internet has heralded a revolution in marketing products and services. The world is now so well-connected that there are no barriers to international trade and commerce taking place online except those imposed by national or international regulations. National borders present no obstacle.

Internet marketing has become a thriving industry, with practically no difficult barriers to entry for anyone with basic computer skills. It is now entirely possible to operate home-based businesses efficiently and profitably at relatively low cost.

Internet marketers can now reach almost to the ends of the globe and the global marketplace has a new meaning in cyberspace. The speed of transactions is limited only by bandwidth and capacity as newbies and experienced marketers alike engage virtually round the clock in the buying and selling of goods and services.

This website hopes to be a useful portal for information, resources and sharing on issues and topics related to internet marketing. No doubt there are already many sites and blogs on the industry; nevertheless, this site will attempt unique perspectives and reviews. Of course, a spade is still a spade and what is will still be described as is together with any other useful viewpoints or opinions.

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