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How to Generate Unlimited Targeted Traffic to Your Website in 15 Minutes

If you have a website, and you have a great product to sell, your main concern is to get your website to the point where you make money from it. How can you make money if your site is not getting any traffic?

Get Unlimited Traffic

It used to be hard to get traffic to your site. You had to spend a ton of money to get your website set up to take the orders, and then another bunch of money to get traffic to your website. You don’t have to do that anymore. Why not? I have a powerful, effective technique that if followed will guarantee your hit counter will exploded, and just in 15 minutes.

Get Unlimited Traffic

I created a 15 minute five-step process that will catapult your hit counter. It will be like looking at your electric meter when you run the air conditioner. The only difference, the counter that is turning is your hit counter. And this means a heavy amount of traffic to your site. And do you know what happens when you get a heavy amount of traffic to your site? If your sales copy is written properly, you will gain a ton of sales. Isn’t that what you want? Isn’t that why you built your website for to begin with?

Get Unlimited Traffic

Why have a non-productive website when it can be making untold amount of money for you. All you need to start it is by getting traffic to your site. And I solved that problem for you as well. Take a look at my super powerful program and you will find your hits skyrocket to the roof, even within 15 minutes.

Get Unlimited Traffic

I know it works because I have a friend who owns three websites. He wasn’t’t seeing much traffic to any of them. As such, he wasn’t’t making any money. When he tried my super powerful program, not only did his traffic increase to all his websites, but he also started making tons of money. If he can do it so can you.

Get Unlimited Traffic

Don’t waste another day watching your hit counter slowly increase when you can watch your hit counter turn at the speed of light.


Delavarian:The New Marketing

Change Your Marketing Approach?

Textbook marketing approaches may help in building product sales and images. They can be just good enough to get noticed, but they might not produce the best results. If you’re ready to go beyond what you learned in school or even by trial and error, there is an area of study worth paying attention to.

That area of study?

The real secret to marketing success lies in understanding human beings. People are complex creatures that are often compelled to believe they are ruled by their minds, logic and reason. To an extent, this is true. People, however, are also highly motivated by influences that are much less black and white in nature. They will purchase products and take particular actions if they are appealed to on an emotional or want-based level. Tap into both areas with a marketing campaign and the results can stagger.

Learning how to successfully market in a manner that falls outside the traditional box is not necessarily easy. There are ways to learn the ropes and gain insight from those who have mastered the art of making a decent product one that people will not pass by.

If you are ready to change your marketing approach and take campaigns beyond expectations, human nature and the forces that influence it should be your focus of study.

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A New Outlook

No, this isn’t about MS Outlook.

As we have entered a new year, it is my wish that anyone doing anything on the internet consider how they can do things differently.

A new outlook is needed, so that the emphasis is to provide true and sincere value. The current state of the global downturn means that people need help…and quickly, to solve their problems.

For sure these problems are not confined to financial woes, and now is the time for those who care to stand up, be counted, and do the right thing.

No hype, no inflated hopes, no over-the-top spin.

Can internet marketers rise to the challenge?

I think we can.


Why Are There So Many Product Launches?

Why are there so many product launches?

If you are on any internet marketing email lists, then you would have noticed that, in recent weeks, there have been a great number of product launches.

Some prominent examples include Frank Kern’s InfoMillionaire, Jeff Johnson’s Coaching Program, the Arbitrage Conspiracy, and most recently Mike Filsaime’s Instant Affiliate Website.

Why do you think there are so many product launches at this time?

I have my own theories. In summary, it could be any one or a combination of the following:

  • They’ve been in planning and development for some time and their developers want to launch before year’s end
  • There is much potential for a big boost in revenues for the marketers concerned as they involve either quite a high price tag or hold the promise of massive passive income from  continuity programs
  • The marketers are capitalising on the current gloomy economic environment where almost everyone is worried about jobs, cashflow and income. The attraction of working from home at relatively low cost and potential high returns are particularly attractive to those disillusioned by corporate failures, poor governance, massive layoffs and the catastrophic results of greed.

To their credit, the marketers are well-respected and do provide some good value in specific areas.

I personally believe the reason for so many product launches is a combination of all three above.

What do you think?

Please give your views and comments. I am really interested in your opinions and will be talking around the issues for a while in future posts before resuming the series on blogging.

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What is Blogging?

A blog is basically an online record of an ondividual’s thoughts, feelings and opinions. The term comes from a shortened version of the combination of two words “web” and “log”.

The term blogging describes what an individual does in creating, developing and maintaining a blog. It has become a way of life for many, and the  original intention of making it an online diary or journal remains very much the focus of the majority of bloggers.

Many people have found blogging to be a means of communicating with the world, developing friendships and networks of like-minded people.

Internet marketers have taken this further by using blogs to drive traffic to their site on niche topics, and then monetising their blogs in different ways. Along the way they also develop friendships and relationships with their readers.

I’ll explore and discuss some of the issues in future posts, so stay tuned.

Till next time………………….


What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is marketing of goods and services through the internet principally using the World Wide Web. It is simply a form of marketing that uses the medium and channels of communication provided by the global network of computers which link people from all walks of life and in any part of the world.

Many of the techniques and strategies used in internet marketing are used also  in traditional methods of offline marketing such as direct mail, TV, radio, billboards and other media. However, there are also very specific and unique strategies and methods that are only possible through the internet.

Today there are internet marketers all over the world and their numbers increase every day as more people begin to realise the power and potential of doing business online.  A major reason for this is the increasing use and access to the internet even in the developing world, and growing at a rapid pace especially in emerging countries and regions such as China, India, Brazil, Eastern Europe and East Asia.

Internet marketers have an impressive arsenal at their disposal, and many people would be familiar with the following:

  1. Blogging
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Product creation
  4. Email marketing
  5. Social networks such as FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter
  6. Social bookmarking as seen with Digg, StumbleUpon and many others
  7. Video networks and video marketing such as on YouTube, Viddler and other sites

This is obviously not an exhaustive list and as technology advances, internet marketing continues to evolve.

I will talk about these topics in subsequent blogs.

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Internet Marketing

The advent of the internet has heralded a revolution in marketing products and services. The world is now so well-connected that there are no barriers to international trade and commerce taking place online except those imposed by national or international regulations. National borders present no obstacle.

Internet marketing has become a thriving industry, with practically no difficult barriers to entry for anyone with basic computer skills. It is now entirely possible to operate home-based businesses efficiently and profitably at relatively low cost.

Internet marketers can now reach almost to the ends of the globe and the global marketplace has a new meaning in cyberspace. The speed of transactions is limited only by bandwidth and capacity as newbies and experienced marketers alike engage virtually round the clock in the buying and selling of goods and services.

This website hopes to be a useful portal for information, resources and sharing on issues and topics related to internet marketing. No doubt there are already many sites and blogs on the industry; nevertheless, this site will attempt unique perspectives and reviews. Of course, a spade is still a spade and what is will still be described as is together with any other useful viewpoints or opinions.

Please provide comments or feedback whenever you visit. There is always something exciting happening in the industry and always something to talk about.